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The Yoga at Camp Poe

"Inhale the future. Exhale the past."
Yoga is a big part of Camp Poe. It is a great way to promote health, vitality and mindfulness.

We run sessions twice a day in our yoga shala set amongst luscious jungle and resident monkeys. Classes vary from Quantum Yoga, Classical Hatha, Slow Flow and Yin. We also run workshops including yoga for surfers and Kirtan chanting.

Camp Poe harbours a collection of yoga and meditation books for you to borrow during your stay.

Drop in classes are available for outside guests. Contact us at camppoe@gmail.com or contact Ben on +(94) 763736217
Join us for our Yin Yoga training this October with Jessyca Eve Canizales

October 5th & 6th and 12th & 13th

Fridays 2-7pm (both Fridays include dinner)
Saturday 2-8pm (both Saturdays include snack)

On both days we have YIN CLASS at 5:00 pm and SPECIAL NIDRA GONG BATH at 6:00 pm

Training is authorized by Yoga Alliance and can count towards 25 hour credits towards a YTT 200 or YACEP for exciting yoga teachers.

For more information and bookings CONTACT US on camppoe@gmail.com

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Ben recently completed 500 hours teacher training with Lara Baumann who developed the Quantum Method of Yoga. Quantum Yoga is a method of personal practise optimization using Ayurveda, the Indian science of life, in its assessment.

According to Ayurveda, one's Prakriti, or nature is made up of three doshas, or body mind constitutions, being Pitta elementally described as fire, vata elementally described as air and kapha elementally described as earth and water.

Therefore, in order to bring about one's optimum state, which is a state of balance, the yoga practise focuses on either cooling and soothing to regulate pitta, grounding and strengthening to regulate vata or invigorating and energising to regulate kapha.

As quantum science has proven, anything practised with more awareness brings about greater transformative potential, therefore enabling the yogi to bring about the best practise for them! At Camp Poe we aim to teach you how to do this!
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